Welcome to the IENE 2013 Scientific & Technical Workshop, 23–25 May in Romania, hosted by the “Vasile Goldis” University of Arad and co-organised by WWF-DCP, Fauna & Flora International and Zarand Association.

The theme of this year’s annual meeting will be “Effective motorway planning and securing conservation interests during the planning, construction and operational phases of development”.

Romania has one of the lowest paved road densities in Europe and, although at present construction rate is low, development of new motorways and express roads are considered a priority both by the authorities and the general public. „Due to its strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Romania has the potential to become one of the busiest transport areas in central and Southern Europe” (The Centre for South-East European Studies – CSEES).

Fragmentation caused by transport infrastructure is acknowledged as a major threat for biodiversity and addressing the issue is becoming a major concern at European Union, country and sectoral levels.


The Lugoj – Deva Motorway case study:

One of the most sensitive fragmentation issues in the Carpathian Range is the isolation of the Western Carpathians (Apuseni Mountains) from the Southern Carpathians in Romania. The last ecological corridor, about 10 km wide and already fragmented by developments and infrastructure, will be intersected by the Lugoj-Deva Motorway, part of the Pan European Transport Corridor IV.

It is extremely important that the Lugoj-Deva Motorway be developed considering the best practices available to find solutions tailored to the local and regional context, to avoid, mitigate and compensate the negative impact of the motorway.


The aim of the workshop:

To bring together relevant stakeholders (Romanian authorities, European Commission representatives, agencies) with experts and NGOs in order to discuss the best approach, methods and solutions for planning, construction and operational phases of the motorway, based on relevant experiences in Europe, brought by IENE experts.

The workshop should lead to a  agreement on the most effective approaches and solutions for the development of the Lugoj-Deva motorway sector.  We seek to use this as a best practice example of the integration of conservation interests alongside infrastructural development, during the planning, construction and operational phases of the motorway.


The Open Day Presentation (optional):

Participants will make a range of oral and poster presentations on the topic in front of a wide audience – professors and students, professionals, NGO representatives and interested members of the public – at Vasile Goldis University of Arad.

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